24HCD wrap-up

Event reports from around the world give us a total 2008 estimate of over 2000 participants in 34 U.S. states and 20 countries. Congratulations, again, to all of the 24HCD host venues for a very successful event!

One thank-you, sent to Brave New World in California, sums up many of the participant emails we’ve received since mid-October:

Just wanted to say thank you very much again for the amazing experience that was the 24 Hour Comic Drawing Challenge. I had never participated in one before and didn’t know what to expect. You guys were wonderful and made the evening and subsequent morning very enjoyable indeed. What’s more, I came away from it much more confident in my artistic abilities and also more excited and inclined to draw whenever I can.


Congratulations to the 24HCD participants this year–great work! See you again next year!

24 Hour Comics DayExhibit at Warehouse 21

Santa Fe’s 24 Hour Comics Day 2008 Exhibit | Warehouse 21 | Santa Fe, NM

Twelve of the comics produced during Santa Fe’s 24 Hour Comics Day event are now on display in the gallery at Warehouse 21. Some comics are hung from the wall in sequence, some are presented to page through. The exhibit runs indefinitely.


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