24HCD is always free!

We posted a note about it in early February, but the web host for 24HCD sent an email by mistake to hundreds of our event hosts and participants.

The email asked hosts to “renew their membership” and asked them for a form of payment.

This email was an error
and all hosts and participants should disregard.

We are not, and will not, charge for official participation in 24-Hour Comics Day!

24HCD administration is completely run on volunteer power, and it has taken our volunteers weeks to respond to the worried emails we’ve received from hosts.

We apologize for issues that this spam may have caused–you’ll never receive a valid email from us asking for money for hosting this event.

We appreciate all of the event hosts who make 24HCD such a successful and fun event for cartoonists around the world!

24HCD 2012 is October 20th!

The date for the 2012 24-Hour Comics Day event is October 20th!

We’ll be updating the website with the new date information soon. Registration for the 2012 event will begin in June.

(Because we’ve held the date at the beginning of October for the last couple of years, the assumption has started that it would always be the first Saturday in October. But 24HCD has moved its date several times and used to be held in the spring each year!)

The ComicsPRO board is interested in keeping 24HCD as a 4th quarter event, but to this date we haven’t pinned it to a particular weekend.

We have received a lot of feedback from hosts and participants who would like the event to be held later in October because of schedules at schools, libraries, conflicting comic book conventions and religious holidays.

So, for 2012, we’ve set the 24HCD date for October 20th.

(We’ll be asking event hosts for their feedback on the date change after the event and that will determine the event date for 2013.)

See you in the fall!

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