24 Hours From Q-Town: HOUR 24 and BEYOND

Hi Kids,

It’s all over but the shouting, and we’re all too tired to do any shouting anyway.

Jeff says he’ll finish, but now he’s adding 3-D accoutrements to his pages.

NEWS FLASH!!!! Better late (not really late, with 2 minutes to spare) than never, Jeff has completed the oddest, most unwieldly, 24 Hour Comic in history!

The Redneck Zombie saga (all 3 chapters) has finally come to a close.

100_5936 100_5937 100_5938 100_5939 100_5940


So there you have it. Another successful 24 Hour Comic Book Day.

Our thanks go to Gene and the crew at Kaboom Test Labs West, for being such gracious (and trusting) hosts. We simply could not have done this without you!

Also to you who have attempted to follow us both here and on Ben’s Live UStream feed. We’ll have time lapse photography of the whole event soon.

Until next year…

Be Well, Kids!

Your pal,


Addendum: We received the last two entries from our previously undisclosed location, another segment of the Coconuts vs. Soap saga, but I’m afraid I’m more confused now than ever!

Oh well, mine is but to post, not to interpret.

IMG_0530 IMG_0531


Be Well,

Your pal,


24 Hours From Q-Town: HOUR 23

Hi Kids!

One more hour to go and another 24 Hour Comic Day will be “In the can”, as they say.

We bade farewell to Julie.


The big news of this hour is that Aliina has finished, maintaining her perfect record for the 7th year in a row. She holds the 7000 BC record for the most finishes, a record she will probably maintain, since nobody in 7000 BC has ever done that.

Here’s her comic “MUSES”. It’s a bit risque’…

100_5934 100_5935


Aside from that, not a lot going on…

One more hour to go.

Be Well,

Your pal,


24 Hours From Q-Town: HOUR 20

Hi Kids!

Daybreak over 24 Hour Comic Day.


You know today, Sunday, October 6, 2013, marks the second day of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the most photographed annual event in the world! Hundreds of hot air balloons and balloonists (and tourists, thank God) converge on our little town every year and put on quite a show.

Here’s another photograph, albeit not a very good one because we are sort of far away here at Kaboom Test Labs West.



While I was out celebrating the dawn, Zach finished his comic and he chose the Twin Suns gift certificate.



And that’s all for HOUR 20.

Be Well,

Your pal,


24 Hours From Q-Town: HOURS 18 & 19

Hi Kids!

Boy, do I feel refreshed after that nap!

This is what happened while I slept:

Got another update from Mike, Jeff, and Nathan at the previously undisclosed location.



Looks kinda sinister, don’t it?

And here on the home front, some folks sleep, and some folks don’t.



Of those that don’t, Ben gets back to basics with pencil and paper.



Night falls on Jesse’s story.



Sarah continues her tale of love and benevolent werewolves.



John continues his intricate line work in the “Dungeons of Space”.



Aliina presses like she always does.



AND THIS JUST IN… SARAH’S DONE!!! She’s the first, so in the long standing  tradition of 7000 BC’s 24 Hours From Q-Town, she wins the prize of her choice. She chooses a familiar looking Ben Girven original t-shirt!

100_5912 100_5913


While the rest of the room toils on…

100_5899 100_5901 100_5902 100_5903 100_5904 100_5905 100_5909

And Jeff’s Redneck Zombies and Cat continue their tribulations.



Back in a minute or so…

Be Well,

Your pal,


24 Hours From Q-Town: HOURS 14 & 15

Hi Kids!

Well past the halfway point, and folks are still plugging away…

100_5868 100_5869 100_5872 100_5878

John and Austin are collaborating.


100_5882 100_5884 100_5889 100_5890

Here’s Jeff’s PART TWO: Moonlit Showdown w/Redneck Zombies




And then there’s Talon’s Benjamin Franklin  robot (note his face is stitched on) with the Gatling gun arm…



Can’t wait to see what that’s all about… Found this interesting Ben Franklin quote that might just apply: “Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead”.

Be Well,

Your pal,


24 Hours From Q-Town: HOURS 12 & 13

Hi Kids!

So this happened…



At around midnight, this superhero whose mild mannered alter ego is Avory Gonzales, swooped in and bestowed this bounty of Krispy Kreme Wonder upon us and vanished before I could recover enough to snap his picture. Oddly enough, I have been thinking about Krispy Kremes (warm Krispy Kremes, which these were) for a couple of weeks now but holding fast, and then this happens. Let me tell you, they were delicious!

And from our undisclosed location:

IMG_0526 IMG_0527 IMG_0528

I’m curious about “Coconut vs Soap”, aren’t you?

Amanda is getting all arty on us, using watercolors and stuff…


That’s a fabric book she’s working in. Very fancy…

And on the latest sweep of the room:

100_5847 100_5852 100_5853 100_5855 100_5858 100_5859 100_5863 100_5866 100_5867


I have to say I am impressed by all the different styles and techniques folks are using, aren’t you?

And it’s gotten so quiet…

Be Well,

Your pal,