24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 10 and 11

Hi Kids,

We’re still chugging along, like The Little Engine That Could…

Here’s what’s happening:

We held another raffle and Jon won. He chose the ANT-MAN trade hardcover donated by Matt and Greg and the gang at AGE of Comics

hr10-jon-wins-ant-man-from-age-of-comics ageofcomics

Meanwhile Julie is still working remotely

hr10-julie-inks-pg002 hr11-julie-pgs-11-and-12-progress-3

Whilst here at Q-Town HQ…

hr-11-jeremiah hr11-alanna hr11-brittany

Jeremiah is working               Alanna is working              Brittany is working


Katie is also working


Paul is inking


Ryk is drawing


Soto is finishing another page

So while we have a few minutes, let’s thank another sponsor, our pal Margaret at Old West Comics & Games, who donated many classic and vintage comics.


And what do you suppose keeps this machine going? Bagels from Wolfe’s Bagels


And then there’s other foodstuffs donated by us at Larntz Enterprises


Thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors!

Back soon with Hours 12 and 13…

Stay Well,

Your pal,






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