24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 20-24

Hi Kids!

We’re (actually, I’m back onnaccounta the cyber terrorist attack from Microsoft on Sunday morning. I’m bitter, okay? Calm down… Deep Breath… Sunrise, mirror lakes… tweeting birds… The love of a good woman… Ooh, that did it!) back to finally wrap this thing up.

So, let’s see now, where were we?

Oh yes,


Alana wins Hour 20 (can you believe I’ve been saying/spelling her name wrong this whole time?) Actually, this was more like hour 22, but because of the Microsoft cyber attack, we had to wait until I could use my computer again… Yes, I’m still bitter. They don’t even give you the chance to close your work!


Then, Ben made us, and delivered donuts! Seriously, he baked them, or whatever it is you do to make donuts, in his kitchen, just like the pizzas! So another big THANK YOU to Oops, I Just ARTed!


Musta been somethin’ in them donuts onnaccounta Jeff started get a bit stranger…


As did Alana and Brittany…

hr23-alanabrittany-finish hr23-as-does-soto

But Soto’s always been weird, in a good way…


And Gabe kept going…

Then in Hour 21..
hr23-katie-wins-takes-the-warren-ellisKatie won the raffle drawing. I talked her into taking the Warren Ellis book onnaccounta he’s my favorite (at least this week. Come to think about it, he’s been my favorite for quite awhile, now…) What did you think, Katie? I can say that now because it’s actually Monday, the 3rd… Oh, well, ONWARD!

hr23-ryk-inksAlana/Brittany continues (no, it’s not a grammar mistake. “Alana/Brittany is like one person, ergo, one name)…

hr23-soto-doggedly-perseveres  While Soto doggedly perseveres…


And Jeff goes all psychedelic on us! What WAS in those donuts? Groovytastic?


While Paul keeps on, determined to finish this time…

Don’t know what was in those donuts, but I saw Paul eating two of them

And then, in Hour 24…


Paul finishes!

and then…


Alana/Brittany finishes!

And then…

with 15 minutes to spare…


Jeff finishes!

And then we packed up and went home, and I didn’t take any pictures if that because that’s boring.

Nonetheless, I want to thank all of you that went on this long strange trip (to quote Jeff’s comic, and the Grateful Dead) with us…



For giving a us a place to play,

and, for giving us stuff to make it more fun…

shared-universe-logo comicwarehouse


   lobologo ageofcomics wolfes-bagels ooldwestcomicsfront wonderfunders-300x118 hr22-ben-makes-and-brings-donuts     hr7-ben-and-pizza

oopsijustarted          winning-logo

All of our sponsors, and the kids who came to play!

See you next year!

Stay Well,

Your pal,



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