24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 4 and 5

Hi Kids,

Yup, still trying to catch up, but fear not, we’re getting there!

But first, some words from our sponsors.

Yes, our sponsors, whose generosity and kind support make this whole thing so darned enjoyable! Our sponsors, whose gifts make for hourly moments of joyous tension, when everyone awaits on the edge of their seats, pens or pencils poised, and a collective deep breath is drawn as I shake the tin containing the ticket numbers, and then draw the winning ticket… and… and call out the lucky number, and the winner joyously exclaims, “It’s meeee!” and all applaud, the winner comes forward to choose their prize amongst the plethora of swell offerings donated by the following:

Comic Warehouse, who have long been big supporters of 7000 B.C.


Astro-Zombies, who always have some really cool stuff to donate.


Lobo Anime and Comics, my Local Comic Shop, and longtime friend to 7000 B.C.


Age of Comics, Greg and Matt are two of our recent supporters, but very generous and we are so appreciative.


And now for some more comics creatin’ action!

We’ll start with our satellite participants:

Elizabeth won this hour’s raffle, and chose the Superman Dailies 1963-1966.


We’re still waiting for her progress pics, but because she works digitally, her work takes quite a while to render, so we’ll just be patient…

Julie is working away with the help of her apprentice:

hr4-5-julie-apprentice hr4-5-julie-progress

Maraschino, Art Director?                        Julie’s progress

And here at Twin Suns:

Our old pal Syk Ryk arrives:


And gets “write” down to business, get it?

hr4-5-alanna hr4-5-anna-character-ref-for-jeff hr4-5-gabe

Alanna workin’                Anna’s character for Jeff           Gabe gettin’ busy

hr4-5-jeff hr4-5-jeremiah

Jeff                                        Derrick

And that’s all for Hours 4 and 5

Back soon,

Your pal,


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