24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 20-24

Hi Kids!

We’re (actually, I’m back onnaccounta the cyber terrorist attack from Microsoft on Sunday morning. I’m bitter, okay? Calm down… Deep Breath… Sunrise, mirror lakes… tweeting birds… The love of a good woman… Ooh, that did it!) back to finally wrap this thing up.

So, let’s see now, where were we?

Oh yes,


Alana wins Hour 20 (can you believe I’ve been saying/spelling her name wrong this whole time?) Actually, this was more like hour 22, but because of the Microsoft cyber attack, we had to wait until I could use my computer again… Yes, I’m still bitter. They don’t even give you the chance to close your work!


Then, Ben made us, and delivered donuts! Seriously, he baked them, or whatever it is you do to make donuts, in his kitchen, just like the pizzas! So another big THANK YOU to Oops, I Just ARTed!


Musta been somethin’ in them donuts onnaccounta Jeff started get a bit stranger…


As did Alana and Brittany…

hr23-alanabrittany-finish hr23-as-does-soto

But Soto’s always been weird, in a good way…


And Gabe kept going…

Then in Hour 21..
hr23-katie-wins-takes-the-warren-ellisKatie won the raffle drawing. I talked her into taking the Warren Ellis book onnaccounta he’s my favorite (at least this week. Come to think about it, he’s been my favorite for quite awhile, now…) What did you think, Katie? I can say that now because it’s actually Monday, the 3rd… Oh, well, ONWARD!

hr23-ryk-inksAlana/Brittany continues (no, it’s not a grammar mistake. “Alana/Brittany is like one person, ergo, one name)…

hr23-soto-doggedly-perseveres  While Soto doggedly perseveres…


And Jeff goes all psychedelic on us! What WAS in those donuts? Groovytastic?


While Paul keeps on, determined to finish this time…

Don’t know what was in those donuts, but I saw Paul eating two of them

And then, in Hour 24…


Paul finishes!

and then…


Alana/Brittany finishes!

And then…

with 15 minutes to spare…


Jeff finishes!

And then we packed up and went home, and I didn’t take any pictures if that because that’s boring.

Nonetheless, I want to thank all of you that went on this long strange trip (to quote Jeff’s comic, and the Grateful Dead) with us…



For giving a us a place to play,

and, for giving us stuff to make it more fun…

shared-universe-logo comicwarehouse


   lobologo ageofcomics wolfes-bagels ooldwestcomicsfront wonderfunders-300x118 hr22-ben-makes-and-brings-donuts     hr7-ben-and-pizza

oopsijustarted          winning-logo

All of our sponsors, and the kids who came to play!

See you next year!

Stay Well,

Your pal,



24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 17, 18, and 19

Hi Kids!

Well, Microsoft decided I needed a massive upgrade for the past 3 hours, so I’m very behind. Might be the first year I didn’t get finished on time. Thanks, Microsoft!


Oh well, c’est la vie…

We’ll get there, kids…

Hour 17 started off with Paul winning the raffle. He chose a Shared Universe $20 gift certificate, thusly…



Okay, we’re back, lest this seem like a seamless process, it is now 0953 on Monday, October 3, and I will attempt to finish this using the pics I snapped as the various folks finished and we wrapped up, so here goes:


I ask Derrick to make a cover. It’s not like he                                                                                  doesn’t have the time, right?


Gabe continues

hr18-jeff  hr18-katie

Jeff gets more interesting                                                        Katie keeps on keepin’ on!


Ryk wins Hour 18, and chooses the Spider-Man donated by Comic Warehouse



Soto continues…


FIRST DONE! Falls asleep…                                                   Derrick sleep-chooses his                                                                                                         prize for 1st done!

And that’s it for these hours.

Comin’ right back with Hours 20-24…

Your pal, and unwilling victim of the technology juggernaut,



24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 14,15, and 16

Hi Kids,

Things have really slowed down, folks have left, and those of us who are still here, are, in fact, still here…

Folks like:


Brittany, who won!

hr15-julie-pg019    hr15-julie-progress-5

Julie, who is still working remotely

hr16-jeff hr16-jeremiah

Jeff is working                 Jeremiah is leaving


Katie is still working, too…


Paul is buggin’… and on track…


Ryk is drawing


The Hour 16 Field. Things have dwindled, eh?

Back for Hours 17, 18,and 19…

Your pal, and pretty sleepy,


24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 12 and 13

Hi Kids!

We are at the halfway point and to commemorate that point, our pal Jim Lynch from WonderFunders, the international comic creation organization that brings writers and artists together to work on projects utilizing their special talents to create comics, stopped by to pick up 2 $50 Twin Suns gift certficates, and 1 $100 gift certificate!


We did a raffle drawing at the stroke of midnight and our lucky three winners were:


ME!!! It was perfectly legal. I have witnesses…


Derrick won big with a $50 gift certificate!


And Ryk won the second $50 gift certificate!

And there was much rejoicing!

And making of comics, at least from our remote contingents!



Julie progresses


Elizabeth has something to show…


And Julie’s assistant is sleeping on the job…

Here at Twin Suns,


Aliina wins the Hour 13 raffle, with Jeff as her proxy.


Alanna continues


As does Brittany…

hr13-derrick hr13-jeff hr13-jeremiah

Derrick is almost finished        Jeff’s getting closer             Jeremiah progresses


Katie is coming along.


So is Paul.


Ryk is drawing.


Soto is getting intense.

This brings us to Hours 14 and 15, and things have slowed down a lot…

Your pal,



24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 10 and 11

Hi Kids,

We’re still chugging along, like The Little Engine That Could…

Here’s what’s happening:

We held another raffle and Jon won. He chose the ANT-MAN trade hardcover donated by Matt and Greg and the gang at AGE of Comics

hr10-jon-wins-ant-man-from-age-of-comics ageofcomics

Meanwhile Julie is still working remotely

hr10-julie-inks-pg002 hr11-julie-pgs-11-and-12-progress-3

Whilst here at Q-Town HQ…

hr-11-jeremiah hr11-alanna hr11-brittany

Jeremiah is working               Alanna is working              Brittany is working


Katie is also working


Paul is inking


Ryk is drawing


Soto is finishing another page

So while we have a few minutes, let’s thank another sponsor, our pal Margaret at Old West Comics & Games, who donated many classic and vintage comics.


And what do you suppose keeps this machine going? Bagels from Wolfe’s Bagels


And then there’s other foodstuffs donated by us at Larntz Enterprises


Thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors!

Back soon with Hours 12 and 13…

Stay Well,

Your pal,






24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 8 and 9

Hi Kids,

We’re back with more comic creatin’ goodness from our gracious hosts, Twin Suns Comic Books and Game Center.


hr8-alanna-works hr8-brittany-inks hr8-derrick-inks

Alanna works                       Brittany inks                           Derrick inks

hr8-gabe-pencils hr8-jon-works hr8-katie-inks

Gabe pencils                         Jon works                              Katie inks

hr8-paul-highlights hr8-ryk-still-writes hr8-soto-works

Paul highlights                       Ryk still writes                        Soto works


Ben works


John steps away, then wins, Ben steps in as John’s proxy, all legal-like…


Julie progresses remotely


Ryk wins Hour 9 raffle and chooses SPIRIT, donated by Comic Warehouse


So, now it’s close to 10 p.m. and we need to remember one of our most steadfast supporters, without whose product, most of us would be moving a lot slower.

Thank you Winning Coffee Co.


So it goes for hours 8 and 9.

Back soon with Hours 10 and 11…

Your pal,




24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 6 and 7

We’re back, Kids!

A quarter of the way through now, and everyone’s still working away, we get pizza, and there is much rejoicing as we choose another 2 winners!

First, the field of participants as it stands now…


Hour 6


Hour 7

But first Ben “Neb” Girven, of Oops… I Just ARTed! brought us all PIZZA!!!


Gosh, thanks, Ben!

Then we chose another winner, and it was Gabe, who chose The Rawhide Kid, donated by Lobo Anime and Comics.


Our old pal, John dropped by to lend moral support, because, “Good God Jim! He’s a writer, not an artist!”


We had a blast from the past, circa: 2013, when Jon and Austin and Monica came by.







Then Matt arrived and got right to work…



Hour 7 rolled by and we chose another winner:


It was Jeff, and he chose the complete run of Samurai Jack comics, #1-20, donated by Ryk!

Thanks, Ryk!

So, then we all munched pizza, and carried on…

Back with Hours 8 and 9…

Your pal,



24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 4 and 5

Hi Kids,

Yup, still trying to catch up, but fear not, we’re getting there!

But first, some words from our sponsors.

Yes, our sponsors, whose generosity and kind support make this whole thing so darned enjoyable! Our sponsors, whose gifts make for hourly moments of joyous tension, when everyone awaits on the edge of their seats, pens or pencils poised, and a collective deep breath is drawn as I shake the tin containing the ticket numbers, and then draw the winning ticket… and… and call out the lucky number, and the winner joyously exclaims, “It’s meeee!” and all applaud, the winner comes forward to choose their prize amongst the plethora of swell offerings donated by the following:

Comic Warehouse, who have long been big supporters of 7000 B.C.


Astro-Zombies, who always have some really cool stuff to donate.


Lobo Anime and Comics, my Local Comic Shop, and longtime friend to 7000 B.C.


Age of Comics, Greg and Matt are two of our recent supporters, but very generous and we are so appreciative.


And now for some more comics creatin’ action!

We’ll start with our satellite participants:

Elizabeth won this hour’s raffle, and chose the Superman Dailies 1963-1966.


We’re still waiting for her progress pics, but because she works digitally, her work takes quite a while to render, so we’ll just be patient…

Julie is working away with the help of her apprentice:

hr4-5-julie-apprentice hr4-5-julie-progress

Maraschino, Art Director?                        Julie’s progress

And here at Twin Suns:

Our old pal Syk Ryk arrives:


And gets “write” down to business, get it?

hr4-5-alanna hr4-5-anna-character-ref-for-jeff hr4-5-gabe

Alanna workin’                Anna’s character for Jeff           Gabe gettin’ busy

hr4-5-jeff hr4-5-jeremiah

Jeff                                        Derrick

And that’s all for Hours 4 and 5

Back soon,

Your pal,


24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 2 and 3

Hi Kids,

Back for hours 2 and  3 because of, what else? Technical and logistical difficulties…

As any of you that follow our chronicling of this event know, we also have folks that aren’t here in the flesh, but still want to participate, so they join us remotely.

One such person is Julie, who is joining us from Santa Fe She’s already working on two pages, and here they are:



We also have Elizabeth, and I will be getting stuff from her soon…

Meanwhile here on site:

hr2-3-alanna hr2-3-anna hr2-3-britney

Alanna                                     Anna                                    Britney

hr2-3-gabe hr2-3-jaylen hr2-3-jeff

Gabe                                  Jaylen                                      Jeff

hr2-3-jeremiah hr2-3-katie hr2-3-paul

Jeremiah                                   Katie                                     Paul

hr2-3-rosie hr2-3-rosie2 hr2-3-soto

Rosie 1                                Rosie 2                                 Soto

And the saga continues, actually, just getting started…

Stay Well,

Your pal,



24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hour 1

Hi Kids,

Well, here we are, our 10th 24 Hour Comics Day, coming at you from here at Twin Suns Comic Books and Game Center in West Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Things are progressing, and we’ve already had our first winner!


Congratulations Katie! She chose Scott McCloud’s definitive book on comics, Understanding Comics, kindly donated by our pals at Comic Warehouse.

Here’s some pics of work already in progress and the folks that are doing it.









Katie, whom you’ve already met…

jeff paul rosie

Jeff!                                       Paul                                      Rosie


Anna                                   Israel                                   Jaylen


And finally, Soto!

Okay, kids, these are the creators, we’ll be back with updates soon.

Stay Well,

Your pal, and tour guide,