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For any questions regarding 24 Hour Comics Day, please contact us by email at
17777 Main Street, Ste. E
Irvine, CA 92614

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • Thanks! You are right, we were using last year’s banner. By July 15th, the start of registration for this year, everything will be fixed. Thanks for pointing it out!

  1. How safe of this event for 9th graders. What kind of security will be there. Do you have a phone contact and or will you have phones there for parents to be contacted if parents need to be contacted. Do you have contact event coordinators for parents to contact in case of an emergency.
    Joe Guerrero

    • Hi Joe –

      You need to contact the venue hosting the event. Please take a look at the event locator and find the contact information for the venue. Each venue has different security levels.


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