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Question: How can I register to host a 24-Hour Comics Day event?

Venue registration for 24-Hour Comics Day events usually opens in July or August of each year. If you don’t see a link to an online application, check back in July (or later) to register.

To see a list of requirements for official 24-Hour Comics Day venues, visit the “Host an Event” page.

Question: Can I charge an entry fee to participate in 24-Hour Comics Day?

No, host venues may not charge an entry fee for participation in 24-Hour Comics Day events.

You may, of course, sell items to participants and observers during your event!

Question: Does a host site have to pay in order to be an official host of 24HCD?

No, you do not have to pay anything to host an official 24-Hour Comics Day event.

We appreciate event hosts and everything they put into making 24HCD a successful and fun event for cartoonists around the world! There are some basic requirements for hosting (providing space for artists, having a bathroom, etc) that you can see on the Event Host page, but you’ll never be charged for being an official event host.

Question: Are hosts required to provide food or art supplies to artists during the event?

While providing snacks and drinks to your participants is encouraged, host venues are not required to provide them.  Many hosts team up with local businesses who donate items such as food, art supplies, and energy drinks in exchange for advertising during the event. Be sure to ask locally for sponsors for your event!

Question: How do I become an author on the 24-Hour Comics Day website?

After you have registered as an official 24-Hour Comics Day Event venue, and after you have received a confirmation of your registration, you can contact us and request to be added as an author.




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