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Hosting a 24-Hour Comics Day Event
This information is for retail stores, libraries, schools, and any other organizations which are interested in inviting artists to take the 24-Hour Comics Day Challenge at their locations.

If you are interested in hosting a 24-Hour Comics Day event, you must have a location which can provide:

  • an area available for 24 consecutive hours
  • hosts who are on-site for 24 consecutive hours to oversee the event
  • an area for artists to sit with table space to create comics
  • restroom facilities available for the entire event
  • space for artists to bring and consume food and drinks

To sign up as an official 24-Hour Comics Day venue, your event should cover some portion of the official event date. Your event can start on Friday and end Saturday, or start on Saturday and end Sunday, so long as some of your event hours take place on the official 24-Hour Comics Day. (If your venue has scheduling issues, let us know–exceptions have been made in previous years to include schedule changes.)

If you can meet these requirements, please register to host a 24HCD event!

Hosts of official 24-Hour Comics Day events have access to several resources:

  • You can become an author on the 24HCD Facebook page and/or website and post event details and flyers before your event. You can post pictures and videos during 24-Hour Comics Day and wrap-up reports after your event has ended.
  • You can access Host Resources to help you prepare for your event, advertise your event, and find local sponsors to donate items to enhance your event!
  • You are eligible to receive supporting emails and information from ComicsPRO, the comic book retailer trade association which provides administration for 24-Hour Comics Day.
  • Your event listing will be made available at this website, which is promoted across the US and Canada before 24-Hour Comic Book Day!

5 thoughts on “Host an Event

  1. It’s that time of year again, folks! Sharpen your pencils, fire up the coffee pot and bring your pillow to THE COMIC BUG for 24 HOUR COMIC DAY!

    The Challenge: Make a 24 page comic in 24 hours! Can you do it? Many try, some succeed, some fail, EVERYONE has fun!

    The Comic Bug will be providing a place to sit and make your comic, snacks and coffee throughout the evening. YOU provide the talent and great vibes! Seating is limited so be sure to call the store at (310) 372-6704 to make sure we reserve space for you. It’s FREE!

    That’s not all! From 2:00 to 4:00 a.m., we’ll be holding our ever popular 50% off trade paperbacks, graphic novels and back issues sale!

    This year, it’s a PAJAMA JAMMY JAM! Wear your pajamas and get a FREE Comic Bug exclusive!

  2. I am the host here in New Orleans Louisiana. My event will held at the Joan Mitchell Center on 2275 Bayou Rd. Zip 70119. We will start at noon on Saturday the 4th and end on Sunday the 5th. This my third time hosting.

  3. Hey there, for the last 8 years we host a 24 hours Comics event in the cultural Center ofWinterthur, Switzerland. Every year, there are 60 artists participating and we have a waiting list for those who do not fit in the place!
    Unfortunately, we never make it for the official day. Our 24 hours Comics is held every year around 17th of October due to official holydays.
    Please have a look on the website to get an idea of our Event!
    Wish you all a lot of pleasure during your Event, all the best!

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