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Take the 24-Hour Comics Day Challenge!
Artists who are interested in taking the 24-Hour Comics Day Challenge can participate in two ways: find an official 24-Hour Comics Day event location near you, or participate online!

To find an event near you:

Starting each year in July or August, you can visit our Event Locator page and search your area. If you find an event nearby, you can contact that event host to register and get more information. You DO NOT register on this website.

If you can’t find a 24HCD event in your area, or you’re unable to attend, you can take the 24-Hour Comics Day Challenge online!

To be an online participant:

You must have the ability to post your artwork to a website. It can be your own site or an image hosting site, as long as you can post your pages. When you register, please provide the website to which you’ll be posting your work.

As an online participant, you agree to regularly post examples of your work as you complete pages or other parts of the challenge. After the 24 hours, post all of the work you have done!

If you would like to be listed as an official 24-Hour Comics Day Online Participant, register here.

If you complete a 24-page comic in the 24 consecutive hours during the 24HCD event, you can send your comic in to be collected with the 24-Hour Comics Day archive hosted by The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.


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    • There are international venues. You must visit the event locator section of the website and enter the country you live in. It will let you know if there are any venues in your country.

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    • Sorry. I didn’t see your comment until right now.

      There is no required number of panels per page required to fulfill the challenge.

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