Update: 13 Hours In

Well, it’s been awhile since my last blog and the news is there’s really no news. In the past 12 hours, I’ve had two people register for the UWM version of 24HCD. Both are students in my Intro. to the Graphic Novel class. One of them is the student for whom I set up this event on campus. And let me just tell you, Britney is a warrior!! 
After ten straight hours of non-stop work, Britney is about 12 pages into her finished comic. Her beau brought her a huge can of Red Bull she hasn’t even touched–she’s that on fire for comics! I think she may be saving that Red Bull for her 9 AM class. 
She puts me to shame, her with her 12 finished pages and me with my two naps. This is what it’s all about, and this is exactly why I wanted this event to happen on campus. Even if no one else signs up to participate today, I will consider this event a success. Britney got to make her comic in a public place, with someone nearby who loves comics (even if I’m not the best at keeping everyone awake!). And we both got to spread the word about 24-Hour Comics Day to people on campus and in the community. 
My hope is that this event is fifty-people strong next year, with food donated by Pizza Shuttle and Ste Martaen, coffee supplied by Alterra, tea donated by Rishi, supplies for everyone from Utrecht and prize give-aways from Collector’s Edge. But even if it’s just me and Britney, some carrots and a Red Bull again next year, I’ll be more than okay with that. Cause next year, I’m bringing my pajamas.

Even Warriors gotta sleep!!

Story-boarding Like Nobody’s Business!

Hello from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee library!

We’re about a half-hour into our first annual 24-Hour Comics Day on the UWM campus and I’m super stoked!

Yes, I over-packed, and yes, that first PB&J is already calling my name, but it’s for a great cause: getting people excited about comics in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Molly, our Library Event Coordinator, hooked us up with some sweet tables in the middle of the Grind coffee shop, and she printed up signs for us. The library is abuzz with Thursday night energy.

Got two of my students in the thick of it, working on story boards, and I’m here with registration forms at the ready! First cup of green tea steeping, Drive soundtrack playing, drafting pencils working overtime…it’s gonna be a great night.

If you’re in the Milwaukee area and want to groove on this synergy, come on down!

Check back in with y’all in a few hours. Until then, happy drawrings!!

The Night Before 24-Hour Comics Day: A Host’s Tale

Hey 24-Hour Comics Day Fans!

Mel here, at Nefarious Fiddlesticks, getting ready for the big event!

This is the first year we’re bringing 24-Hour Comics Day to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus, and I’m really excited to be a part of bringing 24HCD to Milwaukee.

The week before last, I was in week two of the Fall 2011 semester, teaching the usual First-Year Comp class and a brand-spanking new class I’m super stoked about: Introduction to the Graphic Novel. Oh, what? Spend an entire semester reading and talking about comics? Oh NO! DON’T make me do THAT!! Hang out with comics enthusiasts and aspiring writers and artists?! That sounds just horrible!! Folks, we’re only four weeks in and already this is the best class I’ve ever taught. I really dig my students, and I love this opportunity to share my stoke for comics and graphic novels with students.

So, the week before last, one of my Graphic Novel students asked me if I’d ever heard of 24-Hour Comics Day. I said no. Here we are using Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics and Making Comics as our course textbooks, and I’d never heard of 24-Hour Comics Day! My student had signed up as a online participant, but I wanted more people involved. So I proposed setting up the event on campus.

Here we are, almost two weeks later and the night before the first 24-Hour Comics Day kicks off on the UWM campus!

I’m excited, and anxious. I didn’t have the time to pull together the kind of event I want to set up next year, with local sponsors, prizes, rare comics in the library display cases, and plenty of free food and supplies. But we’re doing this thing!!

Kinda like the night before Christmas, I’m having a hard time getting to sleep. The PB&Js are made, got some tea and my favorite commuter ready to go for tomorrow, and I’ve got my 24-hour outfit laid out. Got my overnight stuff, art supplies, and 24-Hour Comics Day Survival kit packed! Next step is to have wonderful dreams of endless comic possibilities.

See y’all at 5PM in the UWM Library!

Although I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I imagine, at some point between Thursday and Friday, I’ll look a bit like this:

Q&A with Nerdage about 24HCD

I recently answered some questions about 24-Hour Comics Day sent by Matt Price, the Features Editor of The Oklahoman and author of the comics & pop culture blog Nerdage.

You can find the interview here!

Everyone here at ComicsPRO is impressed by what you all do with 24HCD–the hosts who do so much to promote the event and the thousands of creators around the world who take the challenge. Fantastic work, and good luck with your event this year!

Year #5 at Artists’ Mediums in VT!

We are looking forward to getting pencil to paper, stylus to screen, etc. 
Let the creative output begin! 
Our event this year is open to comic artists of all abilities, ages 16 and up (younger participants are allowed with an accompanying parent.)  Anyone interested in participating with us at Artists’ Mediums* should email their name, address and telephone number to info@artistsmediums.com
or call (802)879-1236 or (800) 255-1290
You can find Rick’s handy “Tiny Beginner’s Guide” as a pdf here!

*Artists’ Mediums is located in Williston, VT, conveniently near I-89 

24 Hour Comics Day 2011 in Albuquerque

24 Hour Comics Day | Saturday, October 1–Sunday, October 2 | noon–noon | Media Arts Collaborative Charter School | 4401 Central Ave. N.E., Bldg. #2 | Albuquerque, NM

Accept the challenge — be a part of 24 Hour Comics Day 2011. Join 7000 BC and make a 24-page comic book pages in 24 consecutive hours. No experience or special skills needed — this free creative exercise is open to everyone.

Test your stamina and learn you what you’re capable of, along with thousands of artists of all skill levels from around the globe. Albuquerque has consistently been one of the largest gatherings in the world for this international event. See photos from past years here and here.

This year’s location is Media Arts Collaborative Charter School (MACCS) in Albuquerque, at 4401 Central Ave. N.E. If you plan on participating, please send an email so we can get a count of participants.

This event is open to all ages (with guardian’s permission for minors). Bring your papers and pens and join us at New Mexico’s only 24 Hour Comics Day location in 2011!

Update: thanks to our sponsors …

  • Media Arts Collaborative Charter School
  • Downtown Java Joe’s
  • Winning Coffee Company
  • Comic Warehouse
  • Astro-Zombies
    and to ComicsPro for puttting it all together.