Tacoma Games the first U.S. Venue to register

Tacoma Games becomes the first U.S. Venue to register for 24-Hour Comic Day 2015.  Yay!


The Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians aka: The CLAW and Tacoma Games are taking the challenge. This will be the 6th year that the CLAW has lead Tacoma’s cartoonist in the challenge, it will be the 2nd year that Tacoma Games will host the venue. Regardless of your skill level, the 24-Hour Comic Day challenge it a test of your creativity, wit, guile, and endurance. The CLAW challenges you to join this epic undertaking.

Do you want to help plan for next year’s event?

Hey Everyone –

I hope you all had a fun and productive event!

We want to get an early start for next year’s event.    We currently have a six person 24-Hour Comics Day Planning Committee.

If you are interested in helping to plan for next year’s event, please email me a paragraph explaining who you are, what your experience is with 24-Hour Comics Day, and the skills you could bring.

We want this day to continue growing and becoming bigger and better.    The only requirement is that you have a Facebook account …. we do all our discussions on a private Facebook group.

Please email me (Marco) at marco@comicspro.org.


24 Hours From Q-Town 2014: The Real, Actual, It’s Over Now, END

Hi Kids!

Well, true to form, Jeff finished right at the wire again. I think he’s done this 5 of the last 6 years I’ve been doing this, and Boy Howdy! this comic is a beaut! Seriously, I think he finished at 11:58… I so hope he does this one in full color for publication…

It’s called “Hear There Be” and it’s destined to be another Jeff Benham fine art classic.

Well, just see for yourself!

23JeffCover 23JeffFinishes


And with that, that’s that.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors. You all made this a top notch event and we couldn’t have done it without you!

ComicWarehouse TWINSUNS LoboLogo WonderFunders SUVA




And an especially enthusiastic THANK YOU to our pal, Gene Bustamante, and the crew at KABOOM Test Labs for giving us a permanent home for the future 24 Hour Comics Days.



See you all next year, right here!

Your pal, and all of us at 7000 BC,


24 Hours From Q-Town 2014: Hour 23: The End, Almost…

Hi Kids!

The final raffles went off and here are the winners:

Joey turned out to be a big winner, with a copy of The Submariner hardcover graphic novel from Lobo Anime & Comics, and a copy of Jeff’s former 24 Hour Comic, Nance & Cianu at the Park, when Jeff drew his own name. Joey was first to speak up, so Jeff gave it to him (and graced the cover with his autograph).

23JoeyWinLoboSubmariner 23JoeyWinNance


Next, we had Kayla winning the final Star Trek SkeleTrek figure, BORG DRONE from Comic Warehouse.



And finally, Anna won the final prize, a hardcover graphic novel, “Transformers: Primal Scream” from Lobo Anime & Comics.



Next stop: The real END…

Your pal,




24 Hours From Q-Town 2014: Hour 21: The Final Turn

Hi Kids!

Sun’s up. So are we, some of us, anyway…

Here are the last folks standing (figuratively–actually we’re sitting)…













And while all this was going on, Joey won the final $20 bill from Wonderfunders!




Finally, Ryk finished! Here he is with his creation, “The Ballad of Joseph Rathammer”, just as he was about to walk out the door.


And that’s all for Hour 21.

Your pal,