Celebration of 24 Hour Comics Day: San Diego Comic-Con

Friday July 25th, 5:15PM – 6.15PM

2014 is the 10th anniversary of 24 Hour Comics Day. Please come by and celebrate with us! We’ll reminisce about past years while also discussing how to make October 4th, 2014 the best 24 Hour Comics Day ever. On the panel will be Nate Gertler (Founder of 24 Hour Comics Day), Nathan Vargas (co-author of 24HCD Survival Guide), Chris Brady (4 Color Fantasies), Jimmy Purcell (artist) and Marco Davanzo (ComicsPRO Administrative Director).  Room 18




24 Hours From Q-Town: HOUR 24 and BEYOND

Hi Kids,

It’s all over but the shouting, and we’re all too tired to do any shouting anyway.

Jeff says he’ll finish, but now he’s adding 3-D accoutrements to his pages.

NEWS FLASH!!!! Better late (not really late, with 2 minutes to spare) than never, Jeff has completed the oddest, most unwieldly, 24 Hour Comic in history!

The Redneck Zombie saga (all 3 chapters) has finally come to a close.

100_5936 100_5937 100_5938 100_5939 100_5940


So there you have it. Another successful 24 Hour Comic Book Day.

Our thanks go to Gene and the crew at Kaboom Test Labs West, for being such gracious (and trusting) hosts. We simply could not have done this without you!

Also to you who have attempted to follow us both here and on Ben’s Live UStream feed. We’ll have time lapse photography of the whole event soon.

Until next year…

Be Well, Kids!

Your pal,


Addendum: We received the last two entries from our previously undisclosed location, another segment of the Coconuts vs. Soap saga, but I’m afraid I’m more confused now than ever!

Oh well, mine is but to post, not to interpret.

IMG_0530 IMG_0531


Be Well,

Your pal,


24 Hours From Q-Town: HOUR 23

Hi Kids!

One more hour to go and another 24 Hour Comic Day will be “In the can”, as they say.

We bade farewell to Julie.


The big news of this hour is that Aliina has finished, maintaining her perfect record for the 7th year in a row. She holds the 7000 BC record for the most finishes, a record she will probably maintain, since nobody in 7000 BC has ever done that.

Here’s her comic “MUSES”. It’s a bit risque’…

100_5934 100_5935


Aside from that, not a lot going on…

One more hour to go.

Be Well,

Your pal,