24-Hour Comics Day is an annual international celebration of comics creation. On this day, creative folks take on the 24 hour comics challenge: to create a 24 page comic book story, normally months worth of work, in 24 straight hours. Many participants gather at official event sites including comic book stores, schools, and libraries. Others take part in private gatherings, and many work on their own.

Every year since 2004 this event has taken place. The thousands of participants who have created tens of thousands of pages of original art have included the young and the old, people with decades of professional comics creation experience and those who have never tried to draw a panel before, at locations on at least five continents.

The event date for 2015 is SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3rd. Start times for individual event locations vary.

24 Hours From Q-Town: 2015 – HOURs 21 and 22

Hi Kids!

Whole lotta winning going on!

Three hours to go, and Delilah won while she was sleeping.

21 delilah wins

She chose the IRON MAN poster from Age of Comics.

22 Antonio wins

Antonio wins the X-MEN video from Old West Comics & Games

22 Mark wins

And Mark won!

Not only that, but I won that sweet MARVEL ALL-WINNERS comic from Astro-Zombies!

19 I Won

And that’s all for now!

Your pal,


24 Hours From Q-Town: 2015 – HOURs 19 and 20

Hi Kids!

Well, here we still are. I had drifted off to sleep whilst sitting up, so I hadda combine 19 and 20.

But a whole lotta pics were taken. Here they are:

19 Vampire Breakfast

Jake, also a big fan of breakfast food, was inspired by Drawlloween…

19 Not Tired

Seriously, do I look THAT tired to you?

19 Morning Has Broken

Morning has broken…

19 Mike.jpg

This guy! He hasn’t even dropped off!

19 Mike No Sleep

Seriously, he has literally, virtually, actually, conceptually, really, relentlessly, adamantly, has had NO SLEEP!!!

19 Mark

Then there’s Mark, who’s been snoozing off and on…

19 Mark Takes a Break

Mark takes a break.

19 Fabulous Prizes

Fabulous prizes!

19 Good Hearted Jim

Good Hearted Jim!

19 Jake Won

Another raffle and Jake won!

That’s it! I’m already into Hour 21!

Your pal,



24 Hours From Q-Town: 2015 – HOUR 18

Hi Kids!

Well, there’s only four active creators left: Mark, Mike, Antonio, and Aliina, while Jim is filling the time creating a vampire pic for “Drawlloween”, wherein each day in October, one draws a different monster and then post it on the social media of your choice. Today is vampire. Here’s the list, should you wish to participate:


More progress pics coming up next hour.

Your pal,


24 Hours From Q-Town: 2015 – HOUR 17

Hi Kids!

Jim Lynch of WonderFunders, came back, and brought Donettes, Monster Energy drinks, and some candy, and a little sunshine to the still darkened skies outside our little soiree’. He’ll be here for the duration.

Welcome back, Jim!

While Jake and I slept, Mike and Mark plowed on, Aliina snoozed, and Antonio is still snoozing.

Here’s Mark:

17 Mark

And here’s Mike:

17 Mike 1

Looks like Hannah has a stalker…

17 Mike 2

On to the next page…

Not a lot else going on, so on to HOUR 18!

Your pal,






24 Hours From Q-Town: 2015 – HOUR 13

Hi Kids!

It’s getting late and I ain’t as young as I used to be, so I’m posting these progress pics and then taking a nap…

13 Aliina


13 Mike

Mike. Looks like Hannah’s in a tight spot!

13 Antonio

Antonio. Still not sure what’s going on here…

13 Mark

Mark. Still a mystery.

13 Matt

Matt. Something about screaming mushrooms?

13 Melody

Melody.Looks like witches abound with those broomsticks…

That’s it for HOUR 13.

See when I awake…

Your pal,



24 Hours From Q-Town: 2015 – HOUR 12!

Hi Kids!

Here we are at the halfway point: HOUR 12! Is it me, or does it seem to be going faster this year?

Oh well.

As promised, here’s the treat I spoke of last hour:

I’m posting the email Deimosa sent me after I sent her one to see if she would be joining us remotely this year…

Hi everyone,

I wish I was going to be there with you guys! But, to make up for my absence, I wrote about doing 24 hr comic book day with 7000BC in my blog post today for Scholastic:


Have fun this weekend!!

All the best,


Omigosh! I just read her article. It was wonderful! Good on ya, Kid!

We are so proud that we could have been instrumental in your progression through life. Thank you for sharing!

I remember that comic you referenced in your article. It was good! At least I thought so. It was a fascinating account of how The Underground Railroad used to used quilts to communicate to escaping slaves when it was safe to move on. I still think about it sometimes. In fact, I still have the pictures:









This also demonstrates what we at 7000 BC are always saying to budding artists, namely you don’t have to be Norman Rockwell or Leonardo da Vinci to tell a story with sequential art.

Not being any kind of artist (even stick figures), I have chosen this blog as my contribution to 24 Hour Comics Day.

So, I hope you enjoyed that interlude. We’ll have more pictures next hour.

Your pal,


24 Hours From Q-Town: 2015 – HOUR 11

Hi Kids!

Well, lookie (or is it “looky”? According to the internets, either is correct, I think) there, almost halfway!

And another drawing makes a winner out of Antonio!


Displaying an action pose, he chose a Lobo Anime &Comics $10 gift certificate.

Wondering how everyone else is doing? Me too. Let’s see…

Speaking of Antonio…



Meanwhile, from an undisclosed location (again–see 2013), Mike Dean is working remotely with New Hamsterdam (hee hee!)…



Looks like there may be some quaffing going on!

And back at SHARED UNIVERSE, we see…


Mark is about half done, right on track, as usual for Mark!


Aliina laying down on the job (heh heh)…

And Mike powers on…


That’s all for 11.

Got a special treat for you from an old friend, Deimosa, who was with us back in the day before she moved to New York to follow her dreams…

Your pal,


24 Hours From Q-Town: 2015 – HOUR 10

Hi Kids!

Back with our creators working in an almost eerie silence… Usually gets like that about this time of the evening.


Let’s see what they’re up to.


Still not sure what Matt and Melody are doing.


More with Antonio’s big hand.


Looks like Hannah enjoys her work.


And Aliina’s on track.


No idea what Mark is doing, but he’s doing it! Looks like an elephant in the top panel on the page next to the lamp.

That’s it for HOUR 10.

Your pal,


24 Hours From Q-Town: 2015 – HOUR 9

Hi Kids!

Can you believe it, 9 hours! More than a third of the way to the big finale!

Austin, Tristan, Mia, and Eloisa have departed. Bye, Kids!

Now there are 6…

Here’s how they’re doing:


Looks like Mark’s got a bunch of pages penciled…


Matt’s got some intricate work going on. Not sure what it is yet…


Melody has a fantasy theme? We’ll see how it develops.


Apparently Mike’s heroine guerilla zombie fighter is named Hannah, and I love what he did with the UNDEAD line drawings.


And on to the next page… Mike “The Machine”, onnaccounta he’s turning out such high quality stuff, eh?


Antonio’s character is getting a BIG HAND…


While Aliina is working away. As usual, no idea what she’s doing…


And speaking of Aliina, she was the next winner of our raffle! She chose the REDFOX collection from Old West Comics & Games.

Which brings us to HOUR 10…

Your pal,