24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 2 and 3

Hi Kids,

Back for hours 2 and  3 because of, what else? Technical and logistical difficulties…

As any of you that follow our chronicling of this event know, we also have folks that aren’t here in the flesh, but still want to participate, so they join us remotely.

One such person is Julie, who is joining us from Santa Fe She’s already working on two pages, and here they are:



We also have Elizabeth, and I will be getting stuff from her soon…

Meanwhile here on site:

hr2-3-alanna hr2-3-anna hr2-3-britney

Alanna                                     Anna                                    Britney

hr2-3-gabe hr2-3-jaylen hr2-3-jeff

Gabe                                  Jaylen                                      Jeff

hr2-3-jeremiah hr2-3-katie hr2-3-paul

Jeremiah                                   Katie                                     Paul

hr2-3-rosie hr2-3-rosie2 hr2-3-soto

Rosie 1                                Rosie 2                                 Soto

And the saga continues, actually, just getting started…

Stay Well,

Your pal,



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