24 Hours From Q-Town 2016: Hours 8 and 9

Hi Kids,

We’re back with more comic creatin’ goodness from our gracious hosts, Twin Suns Comic Books and Game Center.


hr8-alanna-works hr8-brittany-inks hr8-derrick-inks

Alanna works                       Brittany inks                           Derrick inks

hr8-gabe-pencils hr8-jon-works hr8-katie-inks

Gabe pencils                         Jon works                              Katie inks

hr8-paul-highlights hr8-ryk-still-writes hr8-soto-works

Paul highlights                       Ryk still writes                        Soto works


Ben works


John steps away, then wins, Ben steps in as John’s proxy, all legal-like…


Julie progresses remotely


Ryk wins Hour 9 raffle and chooses SPIRIT, donated by Comic Warehouse


So, now it’s close to 10 p.m. and we need to remember one of our most steadfast supporters, without whose product, most of us would be moving a lot slower.

Thank you Winning Coffee Co.


So it goes for hours 8 and 9.

Back soon with Hours 10 and 11…

Your pal,




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