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2017 24-Hour Comics Day Host


This is the Host registration form.  If you are inviting artists to participate in your 24-Hour Comics Day event, please register here.  Once you finish registering, we will email you to find out more information about your event and venue.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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6 thoughts on “Become a Host

  1. Hello guys. I registered the host (Ivanovo city, Russia), but not sure whether to do it right. I have not received a confirmation letter. I ask to clarify the situation.


    • Hi Frank –

      When people register, they usually get an automated response. (See below). This automated response might be in your spam folder.
      Please respond with the information we need below to


      Marco Davanzo
      Administrative Director

      ***This is an automated response – Do Not Reply ***
      Thank you ———— for signing up to host a 24-Hour Comics Day Event!

      We need a little bit more information about the venue and event. Please email marco@comicspro.orgwith the following:

      Location Name:
      Street Address:
      City, State, Zip:
      Description: (2-3 sentences about the event, venue, instructions to participants, etc.).

      Once we get your information, we will enter it into the Event Locator portion of our website. In that way, participants who live in your area and want to find a local venue can find you.

      Please see an example below of what the interactive map will look like.

      If in a week, if you don’t see your venue in the Event Locator or there is something wrong with your listing, please email us at

      Finally, please visit the Host Resources page of our website and also the Facebook 24-Hour Comic Day fan page. The Host Resources page will have downloadable information that will help you plan for and run a successful 24HCD. The Facebook 24HCD fan page, instead, will allow you to interact with other 24HCD locations.


      Marco Davanzo
      Administrative Director
      (714) 446-8871

  2. Hello guys. I registered the host Beecomics (surabaya city, indonesia),t. I have not received a confirmation letter. I ask to clarify the situation, thanks …

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