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Participant “Survival Kit”

Blitz Comics created a 24-Hour Comics Day Survival Kit!  (2014 edition).

Below you can find the 2013 version.

Survival Kit – Part 1 Get Ready! (4MB .pdf download)
Part 2 – Go!
Character Life Character development
Creative Web  How to pick a genre
Manga Conventions The language of manga
Plot Line How to build a plot
Thumbnail Worksheet Cheat sheet for thumbnails
Timing Wheel How to budget your time
Tips Tricks Advice Additional advice

For more resources and news about their Survival Kit, visit the Blitz Comics resources page.

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Official Archive Cover Letter Page
Click here for the official cover letter that you’ll need to include with the copy of your completed 24-Hour comic if you want to include it in the official 24-Hour Comics Day archive, hosted by The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.

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  1. If I want to send my drawing to the library, but do not have a venue (as I registered online), what should I fill in the venue section?

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