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To help you prepare for and run a successful 24-Hour Comics Day, we have created a 2014 Host Resource Kit.   We will not be mailing this kit to the venues …. but you are free to download all the files and make as many copies as you want.

Some things that are different from previous years’ kits:

  • Just Added: About Comics sells Blank comic books of 24 pages.  The price is 10 for $15.  Please email to order some or to get volume pricing.   Please mention that you are a 24-HCD host.
  • Safety First flyer.   We want everyone to have a fun and SAFE experience.  Please download the flyer for tips on how to make your 24-Hour Comics Day event as safe as possible.
  • Sample Advertising Fliers.  (Not ready yet.  Will be up by September 16th.)
  • As usual, Blitz Comics has updated their most recent 24HCD Survival Guide.    To download it, please to to and click the cover image or the text link to start your PDF download.  (See special message from Blitz Comics Below).
  • Special Offer from Blue Line ArtPlease download this offer to see how you can get official 24-HCD logo art paper.

24HCD paper

2014 Host Resource Kit

Cover letter
Safety First
ComicsPRO Registration Form and Liabilty Waiver 
Before the Day
Setting up
Running your event
Sample press release
Letter to OSU – to archive art
2014 Blue Line Art Offer

Remember, it’s important that you have each participant fill out a ComicsPRO Registration Form plus Liability Waiver.


24HCDlogo copy

24HCGlogo copy

————————–  Special Message from Blitz Comics ————————–

24-Hour Comics Day is FUN but it’s tough. It’s a challenge. It’s a marathon of beautiful comics creation.

So like any marathon, experienced participants always recommend that you should train, practice, and inform yourself about the marathon you’ll be doing. That way you get the most out of the experience.

This is EXACTLY what the Blitz Comics 24HCD Survival Guide does.

It’s a 74 page beast full of tips, tricks, traps to avoid, springboards to use, recommendations, and encouragement for all levels of participation. It also has 13 original exercises that spark ideas for story, plot, panel layouts, and inner creativity and it does it in our original visual style.

Listen, we won’t tell you how you should create your comics, that’s up to you, but we do give you the benefit of our years of experience completing this challenge (both in failing and succeeding).

And we offer all this for FREE! So how do you get your copy? On September 1st, 2014 go to and click the cover image or the text link to start your PDF download. Then get started right away because 24-Hour Comics Day is closer than you think.

Blitz Comics

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